Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hatake Kakashi and His True Face

Kakashi Hatake is my favorite character in Naruto Manga (comic).
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If you're wondering what Naruto is, you probably have been living under a rock or something for these past years -,-''

Anyway, Kakashi "The Copy Ninja is a widely liked and character in the series. He's the teacher of Naruto. He's got this mysterious aura, cool, great personality, also very powerful, and yet got some flaws like lateness and terrible past. I like him, very interesting character!

He's the dude with white hair!

Omg, he's super cool ! and for the whole series the mangaka has never shown us his whole face! The lower half of his face is always covered with that damn ninja mask or his hand or blanket or book or something! It's ridiculously upsetting -,-'' cause he's like so mysterious.. maybe that's one of the character's appeal.
Even Naruto and his teammates often wonder about their teacher true face. Well, I am still confirmed that he has to be awesomely handsome because in one of the comic extra (omake), Kakashi was in a ramen house along with Naruto and his friends.
They were trying to find out what his real face look like. But when he is about to lowered his mask to eat, Naruto and his friends were distracted and by the time they were paying attention back to their teacher, he already finished eating his ramen and wearing back his Ninja Mask. But the waiter and waitress of the ramen restaurant looked awestruck. And Naruto and his friends Sakura and Sasuke just looked confused by it.

And this is the other extra when his summon dogs are trying to explain his real face.
(Scroll down and click the picture to enlarge)

Hahhaah! I thought I would finally be able to see his face!
Ah.. wish can see his true face !! *desperate*
The mangaka is such a tease! lol

Many fans of the manga, especially Kakashi's legion of fans are still looking forward to the day when the mangaka Mr Mashashi Kishimoto will reveal Kakashi's true face.



  1. you are my hero!!

  2. to bad pain kills him XD

  3. I think he's resurrected again by Yahiko! ^^ not dead yet!

  4. he does get resurrected! by pain himself i think, to defeat sasuke! :)

  5. yeah! cause pain believe in Naruto to continue his legacy :D

  6. haha to be honest i would prefer if he keeps his mask on since it gives him his mysterious look. he is my all time favorite manga character!!! =D

  7. hahhaa,, but it wud be interesting to see how he really looks!
    Yeah, he is a very interesting character! ^^

  8. kakashi doesnt die anyone besides jirya was brought back when naruto talked to Yahiko and Yahiko brings everone back to life with his last bit of strength <3

  9. Yes, it's true. He was resurrected according to the manga. I'd love to see more of him in the future story line -,-''

  10. Yes ! I love Kakashi too ! ALOT !

  11. pain dies and after he dies everybody that was killed by him is ressurected

  12. pain is nagato, not yahiko...

  13. Oh yeah, Pain is NAGATO not Yahiko!
    thanks Anon for the correction ^^

  14. Kakashi Hatake is sO Hot!!! Such a natural born genius! I love his mysterious streak!

  15. Your line-up of songs for this web page is awesome. Honestly, I couldn't understand the language but I do wanna cry.

  16. Thank you ^^ do enjoy ur visit.. The line up songs r korean and mosttly sung by Yoon Jong Shin